Category: Edition 16 (March 05)

March’s Programmes


There is a major change to Farm Radio this month. Here John Holman explains what is going on. Click on the signpost to find your way to “Chalk and Cheese” and “Levels and Moors”...

Organic milk

Gary Lightfoot is a highly experienced farmer and independent organic dairy consultant who does not like to beat about the bush. Roger Crisp talks to him about his work and the state of play for...

Blood, Earth and Medicine

   Renowned west country poet, James Crowden, reads his poem for March from his collection, “Blood, Earth and Medicine”, a year in the life of a casual agricultural labourer. There is a poem for each...


Derek Mead, a Somerset farmer and businessman, is gearing up to take on the supermarkets. Here he shares his ideas for restoring the fortunes of farming with Graham Harvey.