Category: Edition 13 (Dec 04)

Fine Fowl

Helen Wallbridge visits her neighbour, Alan Howard, who breeds pedigree bantams for a few tips. Contact details: Tel: 01308 862794 e-mail

Business Fair, Pt 1.

Geoff King visited a Business Fair, hosted by Business Link Wessex, and talked to people from various agencies and bodies who are here to help if you decide to take a new direction in...

Fallen Stock

Fallen Stock

Graham Harvey went to Belchalwell to talk to Owen Yeatman about his reaction to the recently unveiled national scheme for the disposal of fallen stock.

The Future for Grain

Grain farmers meet their biggest challenge next month as subsidies swing away from production. Geoff King went to the recent NFU South West Arable Conference last month and listened to the Farmer’s Tale from Archie...

Dimond Gems

For this edition we have the second part of chapter 9 of Jack Dimond’s best seller, “Dimond Gems”. I hope his children have forgiven him for revealing such embarrassing stories about them and I bet...

Business Fair, pt 2.

Geoff King talks to Katherine Sealy of the Dorset Agricultural Advisory Service at a recent Business Fair.  This fairly new and extremely useful service is probably not as well known as it ought to...


Those of us who have children of working age at home in a rural area will be only too aware of the transport problems that exist for the youngsters. Margery Hookings talks to Hannah Lovegrove...

Kingshay Bulletin

This month’s Kingshay Bulletin finds founder and chairman, Martin Hutchinson, in reflective and predictive mood, recounting where Kingshay and dairy farmers have come from since the trust was founded 13 years ago and where...

Looking Back

John Cluett talks to Fiona Gerardin about his life and, in particular, his memories of the late, lamented Sturminster Market.