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"I have just been listening and think it's a great service. . . the radio article was fab, a really well crafted and balanced item . . . your programme on the website is absolutely excellent . . . Excellent editing, if I may say so, sir! . . ."

Past Programmes:

Edition 40 Programmes- General (For Dorset and Somerset items, see the signpost below)


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Woodland Tales - The Dorset Coppice Group

John Holman welcomes you to Edition 40 of Farm Radio.


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The first of our "Woodland Tales" sees Geoff Pagotto talking to Mandy Joyce, who heads up Dorset Coppice Group's inspirational Living Classroom project. He caught up with her at their new permanent educational building, situated at the top end of Bonsley Wood.


Woodland Tales - Charcoal Burners

Woodland Tales - Charles Buckler and Major


Charcoal burners are elusive characters hidden in the depths of woodland with only the whiff of smoke giving away their whereabouts. Geoff Pagotto managed to find three taking a break from harvesting their charcoal and he heard exactly what the motto "A woodland that pays is a woodland that stays" really means.

Beef and sheep farmer Charles Buckler for Pear Ash Farm, Pen Selwood is passionate about horse power - single horse power and Geoff Pagotto caught up with him and his 15 year old, 18 cwt Shire horse called "Major" as they cleared up some felled timber.