"The Blue Tongue Threat - a special item from Geoff Pagotto"
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The internet station for farmers and others interested in farming, working in the "Chalk and Cheese" area of Dorset (click here to connect to the Chalk and Cheese website to find out whether you are in the area) and the "Levels and Moors" area of Somerset (click here to connect to the Levels and Moors website to find out whether you are in the area), brought to you by Trilith, the Rural Media Charity. To listen to the items, simply click on the "Programmes” menu button above. During the first week of each month, we will be adding at least an hour's worth of new material but, as the project has developed, we have decided that we will also be able to place some "special" items between times.

It was great to meet some of you at the recent agricultural shows.  Please click here to go to some discussions that we recorded at Gillingham and Shaftesbury (Biofuel/biomass) and at Melplash (Showing Off!).
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Do have a look at the "Special Features" page, there are items there ranging from serious farming issues to a drama with new items added from time to time."

We have another "Weather Prediction Special" from Izzy Odell. As ever, we really do want to hear from you so, if you have any interesting contributions to make about the weather prospects, weather lore, or memories of dramatic weather in the past, please visit the "Contact us" page and leave us a message.

"Thinking of retiring?  To get some really worthwhile free advice listen to this announcement".

We would be thrilled to have more feedback from you. Please go to "Contact Us". You can write us a letter, send us an email, speak to us on the phone, or even leave a voice message, which, if you so wish, we can include in future programming. Something you have heard must have pleased or irritated you, so let us know about it. Professor John Bourne is particularly interested in hearing from farmers in Dorset about their experiences with Bovine T.B., or their views about how it could be controlled. Just to encourage you all, we are offering a PRIZE of a copy, signed by the author, of Jack Dimond's second book, "More Dimond Gems" for the most interesting contribution over the next month.  If you are organising an event that would be of interest to our audience, you can leave an announcement on the voice mail number (01963 824458) and we will put it on the site.  As far as we are concerned, your participation is very important, so, be bold, get in touch! 

Frampton familyFarm Radio is pleased to be able to offer training to people with a background in farming, living in the “Chalk and Cheese” and "Levels and Moors" area, with priority given to women applicants. Training will be essentially “hands on” and, as we understand how busy farming people are these days, will be delivered at a time and place that is convenient to you, free of charge and will equip you (with continuing support) to become a reporter for your area. The main thing about Farm Radio is that it belongs to the farming community of the “Chalk and Cheese” and "Levels and Moors" areas so we really need your participation. Places are limited so please do not delay getting in touch.

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